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Master Scuba Diver

ITDA Master Scuba Diver is our highest non-professional level and offers a real challenge to anyone that wants to have the highest certification in diving without the responsibility of becoming a professional... 


This level is very popular with experienced divers for crossover to ITDA from commercial and military backgrounds.

About Master Scuba Diver

A Diver at this level requires the same training as our leadership levels without the Assistant Instructor, diver supervision, assessment and teaching modules...
Master Diver is our highest non-professional crossover level for Military and Commercial Divers for a Scuba or Technical Certification based on experience!

Why take a Master Scuba Diver program?

One good reason might be to hold the highest non-professional ITDA Scuba Diving certification that exists... Marking you as not just a proficient diver but a diver equal to our entry level professional.

An ITDA Master Diver is NOT just a exceptional diver in terms of skills, theory and knowledge but is someone dedicated as an ambassador for the International sports of recreational scuba diving.

As for buddy diving, anyone at any level from any agency, would be lucky to dive with you! 

Dive Leader / Master Diver theory online @ITDA Academy

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