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Stevens, Timothy

UK Training Partner

Mr. Tim Stevens

Tim has been with us since 2005 in the UK helping us to develop ITDA Scuba and Technical Diving programs.

Tim is a highly respected and professional member of the International diving community. He is also a training director for our professional tech-programs and an IHMP Assessor / Trainer / Examiner. Tim is also a commercial diving authority and industry consultant!

UK Diving

Cold Water Diving / Inland

The UK offers some of the best cold water scuba diving for technical divers seeking to hone their skills. Diving in a dry suit allows technical divers to experience the unique marine environment in an environment that is often colder and more challenging than warmer waters. Technical divers in the UK can explore a variety of wrecks and sites, as well as experience the unique marine life the region has to offer. With careful planning and the right gear, Scuba (Recreational divers) can also safely and enjoyably dive in the UK's cold, clear waters.

stony cove
Picture Shown is Stony Cove, one of the UK's most popular inland diving sites.

About UK Diving

Castle in Island

UK costal waters can be both rewarding and dangerous!

The UK offers a wealth of opportunities for divers, with its varied coastline and numerous wrecks and caves. From the cold waters of Scotland, to the warmer waters of the South and South West Coast, UK coastal diving offers something for everyone. With a number of dive centers around the country, divers can explore the depths of the sea with the support of experienced instructors. UK coastal diving is an unforgettable experience, with hundreds of wrecks and unique marine life to discover. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced diver, you can find the perfect dive site for you to enjoy...

Training Diving in the UK

This represents some challenges

Many UK Instructors choose to operate a "Club System" training in heated public pools and then organising "Dive Certifictaion tours", to destinations like, Spain and the Canary Islands, Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), Malta, Cyprus, Italy, South of France etc.

ITDA Club System - Link

club diving
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