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ITDA®-IHMP International

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Education & Training with Passion

Over 25 Years of Service

International Technical Diving Agency


Learn to Dive - Rescue & Specialist - Advanced - Technical - Leadership - First Aid+ Professional - Academy - Occupational - Membership - Standards


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Who we are

We are an International training and certification agency for the diving industry (Operating in 65+ Countries) and expanding... Family owned & operated since 1998, and the only International body that trains & certifies levels from; Scuba to Professional - Occupational & First Aid, to International standards, ISO/ANSI and includes an "International Club System"... We added "ITDA Academy" in 2019 for higher education in teaching diving. Academic education of diving professionals & Divers.

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What we do

ITDA-IHMP International Training Agency

International Technical Diving Agency - Training & Certification

We educate, train and certify levels such as: learning to swim, Snorkelling, Scuba & Technical Diving to First Aid and Professional diving (Instructor Training & Diving for Work!) - Occupational Diving.

ITDA Academy - See ITDA-IHMP Standards Page  - Admin

Unique Membership System - (Returning to ITDA-IHMP?)


Our Programs

Based on Dedication, Expertise & Passion.

This is training section. It's a great place to learn about what makes us special, such as our course programs, standards and our unique training philosophy.



Snorkelling & Free Diving and having maximum fun in the water! SAFELY...

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Scuba Certification

From Entry Level Scuba - Experience Programs - Day Courses and Introduction to Scuba, to Scuba Open Water Diver. Rescue Diver - Advanced & Specialist  Diver. Master Diver / Dive Supervisor Dive Leadership. (+At Work Diving)


Rescue Diving

ITDA Offers a unique range of rescue diving, surface rescue and Public Safety Diving...

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Advanced & Specialist

ITDA Advanced Diving is very different from most other agencies requiring advanced skills developement and Advanced Dive theory.

Specialist Diver offers 3 levels: 1. Introduction - 2.Intermediate & 3. Advanced Specialist Diver...

Specialist Levels

ITDA Specialist Scuba Diver has three (3) Distinct levels:

  • Level 1. Basic Skills - Introduction level - (On the left diagram above).

  • Level 2. Intermediate Specialist Certification. (Centre area above).

  • Level 3. Advanced Specialist Diver (Right side above).


   Divers from any agency may take our Specialist Certifications


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Specialist levels

Dive Leader

ITDA-IHMP Leadership Pro-levels are above most Industry standards, with Pro-Guide, Supervisor and First Aid & Specialist Instructor ratings available.

Master Scuba Diver is our highest Leadership level without being a professional.


IHMP First Aid

ITDA-IHMP Offers Training & Certifications in First Aid from CPR/BLS to Advanced Life Support (ALST), Dive Medic. Specialist First Aid & Hyperbaric, Pre-Hospital Care and more... Since 1998.


Technical Diving

Technical diving is very different from Scuba Diving requiring technical skills development and use of specialist diving equipment.

We offer all levels of Technical Diving, Technical Specialist, Technical Leadership and Professional levels. CCR - CAVE - MIXED GAS - DEEP DIVING


Professional Diving

ITDA-IHMP Instructor Training Program (ITP) meets and exceeds Dive Industry standards plus, we offer a unique experience to gain x3 Instructor Levels from one ITP Course. (Scuba Open Water Instructor - IHMP First Aid Instructor & Nitrox Instructor / Entry Level Technical Pro).

Discover the ITDA-IHMP International Membership System

Training and Certification for Diving & First Aid Training to International Standards

ITDA-IHMP International membership System and Club is a community of diving enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring the deep blue sea. Conservation - Protection and Sustaining the Coral systems and Marine Life.


Our membership offers training and certification for diving to the highest international standards, as well as first-aid training and certification. Plus, Professional & Occupational Diving. With real benefits like. discounts and exclusive offers from our partners around the world.


We believe that learning to dive safely and responsibly is key to enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. Join our online club today and connect with other divers from around the world.

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From leadership levels (Any Agency) you can become an ITDA-IHMP Professional with credit for previous experience and certifications. Divemaster / Dive Con and other levels... We offer many flexible options...

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“I'm a diver of 20 years and I took an ITDA Specialist Course and found it to be fantastic... Great fun, great instructor in Jose and great service from ITDA so I joined the ITDA Family and never looked back...

Bryan Jones UK

My name is Janye and I was new to diving, so I tried the introduction program and went directly on to complete my Open Water Certification. It was such fun and so rewarding. I recommend ITDA to all.

- Janye Saunders USA

My wife and I are both divers but quite new to it. We loved the upgrade from Open Water to the ITDA Rescue program and specialist programs. My wife & I did marine life, had a great time in Tioman, Malaysia.

- Kim Hung SG

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