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Full face mask


ITDA-IHMP Support Specialist Diver - Certifications for at work diving

Scuba to Hardhat

What is Occuaptional Diving

Occupational Diving is diving at Work or for work!  Not involved in teaching or training...

ITDA Occupational Diving Covers the following skills sets:

  • Underwater Welding / Cutting

  • Specialist Tools

  • Public Safety Diving / Rescue Diving

  • Professional Rescue

  • Construction Divet L1-3. Using Tools U/W

  • Scuba to Bandmask w/comms

  • Scuba to Hard Hat w/comms

  • SSA Surface Supplied Air Diver

  • ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle

  • Research & Scientific Diving

  • Aquaculture - Fisheries

  • Aquirium Diving

  • Decompression Diving / Saturation Diving

  • Hyperbaric DDRC Operations

  • Diving Project Management

  • Comand and Control (CNC)

  • Search & Recovery / Safe Retrieval


Occupational Diving Covers Many Disciplines

It is generally agreed in the industry that scuba diving training is completely inadequate for Occupational diver training.  Therefore entry level from ITDA to Occupational diving should be from an Advanced Diver level with a minimum of 30+ Open Water Dives or a Technical diver.

With the clear exception of Dry Specialist work -
ROV Operator - Hyperbaric Tender etc. General Diver will be trained in: SSA / Full Mask / Band Mask with Communications.
Scuba to Hard Hat and use of general underwater tools.
(Plus Emergency Procedures) and Hyperbaric chamber operations.

Search and Recovery (body & Vehicle) for example is included in our PSD Public Safety Diving programs...

water entry stride
uw welding

UW Welding / Cutting

This is a physically demanding industry and, as a commercial diver, requires that a person pass a physical examination each year in order to maintain their commercial dive license.

It is also important that a person be extremely safety conscious when training or working underwater.

Because of the hours spent under water, it is also important that the welder have no fear of working in enclosed spaces.


In addition, and this should go without saying, but if you partake in heavy drinking or use drugs of any type, this is not for you. When things go wrong in the water, the go wrong fast. So you need every advantage you can muster which includes physical and mental strength.

Occupational Diving

Standards around the world maybe local or federal (UK HSE), (ADAS) etc. 

And there are organisations representing the Industry like IMCA and IADC / ADC.

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