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ITDA-IHMP Support Multiple Agencies & allow our instructors to cross-certify

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What is Multi-Agency?

Multi-Agency is a concept whereby ITDA-IHMP recognise and accept certifications from other agenies for diving professional from Leadership levels to training or Course Director.

With the world still in recovery from the financial turmoil / crisis after Covid.

We have decided that there are many things we can do as an International Diver Training and Certification body to help ITDA training facilities and our diving instructors to be more effective and most importantly to win more business!

Also to follow our aim for diving professionals to make a reasonable living training divers.

How does Multi-Agency Work?

The very sad facts at the present time in our industry are these:

People generally, especially tourists have less money in their pockets to spend on diving and recreational sports... So most are looking for a bargain / low prices...
  • Our Industry in Sports Diving has been dominated by one major player and this only serves to increase PRICE COMPETITION between training facilities of that agency and reduced choice for the customer. (Note: You cannot make money by giving it away!)
  • When all the dive shops / training facilities in an area are offering the same courses and products, it stands to reason that most customers will look ONLY to the price! (For a difference!)

 Therefore you have a great advantage at this time to actually gain more business, simply by offering the customer something different... Plus it's very easy to sell against competitors when you can clearly show additional benefits... Benefits of training and certification withITDA-IHMP International includes,,,

Benefits of ITDA-IHMP

Multi-Agency Levels

Optional Benefits: Your opportunity to gain even more value for money from ITDA...

We offer you the unique choice to upgrade your e-certification from an e-certificate and e-card to add a Plastic Secure ID Card and a Security printed Wall certificate for just a few dollars...  Mail us for certification upgrades at online application form available...  Secure ID-Cards are from just $25 USD. plus post at cost.

Is Multi-Agency for you?

All multi-agency applications are completely confidential and private, we expect that many professionals that work with choose to prefer ITDA...

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