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About Our Membership

This page offers a quick insight / overview to our new membership levels and explains
our rationale in creating them! Part of the Unique ITDA-IHMP

ITDA-IHMP Certified Divers, First Aiders & Professionals have automatic membership 1st Year. And they may make a small donation if they would like to...

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Our New Monthly Low-Cost Subscription System

Non-Diver & Diver/   Pro-Membership

Our New ITDA-IHMP Back Office System upgrades mean that we can now issue e-certifications fast and effectively via email... And offer an Online Verification / Check service 24/7/365 from accessing our online Certification Validator / Verification page.
Our New e-certifications and membership Certificates and Diploma's can be viewed on any portable device attached to the internet...  The Certificate or Diploma can also be downloaded for Off-Line storage for review.

NOTE a New Phone App is in development for OCT. 23.

See our ADMIN Support page for Pro-member tools...

certificate in diving
Scuba reef divers

Benefits Include

One example of our unique benefits to members is our Online Course discounts "Certificate in Diving Theory" from beginner to advanced dive theory (ITDA Academy) - Covering;  Types of Diving, Decompression, Applied Diving Physics (Gas Laws) and Physiology (Anatomy), Dive Planning, Risk Assessments, Emergency Planning & Diving Accidents, Navigation, Buoyancy & Gas Management,  Environment and Leadership.

Over a $1,000+ USD worth of training materials... Course to non-members is $299 USD/€299 euros.

Members price is just $199/€199... SAVE $100 USD./€99 euros.  Diver membership is just $6/€6 per month...


Other benefits include: Our Training Partners Exclusive deals / offers... E-Certificate is also included...  Join us in section below....

How does it work?

Simply choose the monthly subscription level that is easiest for you to afford and pay online, then go to to form below to register...


We receive just 1 month here & then set-up your monthly subscription or annual payment with discount of x2 months. With PayPal directly by payment request.  This fee also includes an E-Certificate on receipt of payment.

You can upgrade or downgrade or cancel at any time...


Your contribution will help us to make diving safer... And you enjoy the many benefits (& growing) of membership.

Wreck diving

For Divers

Education & Training

Our Diver membership levels are just two tiers / levels;

  • Scuba Divers from $6 USD p.m.

  • Advanced & Specialist from $10 p.m


Our objective is to offer money saving benefits to all divers from all agencies with Online Courses and Certifications from ITDA-IHMP. (from just $6 USD you save upto 15% off! As a member... With ITDA Academy...

Diver Basic Subscription €6/$6 p.m.


Subscription Membership of ITDA-IHMP offers direct savings on expensive dive theory programs. Plus real offers from our training partners...  We receive just 1 month here & then set-up your monthly subscription or annual payment with discount of x2 months. With PayPal directly by payment request.


Advanced Diver/Specialist/Technical $10 / €10 p.m.

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ITDA-IHMP Professional Membership is open to all diving-pro levels from all agencies including all levels from Leadership and Entry Level Instructors, to Advanced, Specialist, Technical Instructors, Trainers (IDC Staff) and Training Assessors, Course Directors and Assessor Examiners... NOTE the monthly fee where required "Includes" our annual fee for the level... No more annual fees just a small monthly subscription.

IHMP First Aid Instructors, trainers and medical Directors are also included.


Leadership Levels (Silver) from just $15/€15 per month...



Open Water Instructor (Gold) $25/€25 p.m.



Instructor Trainer/Tech Instructor (Platinum) $40/€40 p.m.



Assessor online programs reduced for Pro Membership levels until Dec.2025...


We receive just 1 month here & then set-up your monthly subscription or annual payment with discounts of x2 months. With PayPal directly by payment request.


Plus New Occupational & Occupational Pro levels coming soon...


In 2024 Link to Pro Plans

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Manta Ray

Basic Renewals

If you have a rolling subscription membership then you are automatically renewed (As long as you pay the low-cost monthly subscription)... From just $6 USD. p.m. (less than a cup of coffe & cake).  If you are or were an ITDA Member and wish to renew or rejoin ITDA and or IHMP First Aid you may use the application form below...

Registar an application for membership, to get up to date with New ITDA-IHMP Standards and New Programs and International Training Developments.         We will contact you... You may opt out anytime!

New ITDA Pro Benefits and New Benefits for IHMP & ITDA with our New Membership System. Including New e-Certification Systems. Pro-Members pay NO annual fees as long as they are paying the monthly subscription... They do still need to complete our annual standards & training agreement.

Membership Application

Please complete the form to apply for membership level with us and start saving money, and enjoying the benefits...

love teaching

Interested in operating your very own training agency?
Check our Divepro options. Link.

Member Registration
All Levels...

If you have made a payment subscription, just complete this form to activate your membership.We receive just 1 month deposit & then set-up your monthly subscription or annual payment with discount of x2 months. With PayPal directly by payment request. NOTE Instructor renewals may take monthly subscription rates of:

  • Leadership $15.00 - Silver Level

  • Instructor Open Water Scuba $25 - Gold

  • Advanced / Specialist Pro - $30 Gold+

  • Master Instructor - $40

  • Instructor Trainer - Platinum $40

  • Course Director - Platinum+ $65

  • Course Director Examiner $79

  • Training Director (Tech+) $89

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