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Application Forms & Registrations for ITDA-IHMP Certifications

About ITDA Administration

ITDA-IHMP Administration has just two primary objectives:

1. To offer subscription member services, that reduce the time required to certify students. With fast e-certifications and pre-dive forms. e-certificate registration form, - Training Statement, Medical Wavier Form - Quality Assurance (Feedback!) etc. etc.

Plus, online verification of certs & diploma's, available 24/7/365 worldwide. Also Lost-Card link / Replacement below...

And Upgrade to new e-certification from the old system.

2. To create and develop web and mobile apps that help make working with us easier and less expensive than other agencies... Offering higher education through ITDA Academy & Partners...

ITDA-IHMP Forms & Certificates

Over the years we have used many industry standard forms of certification, mainly the C-Card (Certification Card - Plastic ID with photo & secure ITDA Hologram)... and from 2023 we are offering e-certifications as Certificates and Diplomas, in e-cert format. As .PDF Doc. with a QR code and token codes for fast Verification Online.... Samples below.

Any problems please contact us -

Links to ITDA-IHMP Forms

NOTE: Please bear in mind we are going through a major transition at present, upgrading and developing new back office systems to improve our services to our members... Any urgent questions please email us.

Applications & Admin

Registration for e-certification all levels

This form may be completed by an ITDA-IHMP Professionals registering a student/graduate or as self-certification by the graduate (We will verify detail with the Instructor) or by an ITDA-IHMP Training partner / Facility. (The personal details are of the graduate NOT the instructor!)

Application Forms page in Develpment - Link Here!

e-registration personal details...
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Regarding Payment for Certificaion / Includes e-materials .PDF

Please note that e-certification(s) can be issued normally within 24 hours, however a slow payment method will delay the issuing of your certification as we MUST receive payment in advance of certification processing. Proof of payment is accepted!  email to 

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