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AED Course

IHMP First Aid Training

IHMP (International Hyperbaric Medical Programs) were the First-Aid training division of ITDA from the beginning in 998, but due to expanding our first aid training and medical certifications beyond the diving industry. IHMP. ECR, modular, training, first-aid, CPR, AED, DEA, Oxygen, emergency, First Aid at work, IHMP-ECR (Emergency Care Responder), First Response (FOS)- BLS/ALST. ITDA diving First Aid, Combat FA. International Standards.

NOTE: All core certification programs maybe added or used to add value

to other programs for multiple e-certs to be issued.

IHMP First Aid Certifications

IHMP Chart New 23

CPR First Aid Module

Cardiopulonary Resusciation

Everyone can benefit from taking a CPR and First Aid Training course. Our course will provide you with the necessary skills to respond quickly and efficiently to a medical emergency. The course will cover topics such as basic first response, first aid and CPR techniques, as well overview of Oxygen &, AED use, and other medical equipment. With this training, anyone can be better prepared to handle any unforeseen medical emergency.

Program is 1/2 Day & maybe added to other modules.

BLS Basic Life Support Module

Life Saving First Response

ITDA-IHMP International. Basic Life Support Training and Certification. Program covers basic anatomy (greys), physiology, CPR, Breathing Problems, shock, bleeding, accidents, wounds, egree (Moving injured persons) and much more. For divers and non-divers. Certification is valid for 2 years.

Full Program is 2 days /12-14hrs.

AED Class
Oxygen Bag

Oxygen First Aid Module

O2 the life giver...

Oxygen first aid is an important part of first aid training. Oxygen is used to reduce the effects of oxygen toxicity and to provide emergency first aid in the event of an accident. Oxygen can be used both prophylactically and therapeutically to reduce the risk of injury or death in an emergency. The benefits of oxygen first aid include increased safety, improved breathability, and improved overall health. Divers should be well-versed in the use of oxygen for both emergency and recreational use in order to stay safe.   Program is one day. 6-8hrs. For Divers and 1/2 Day for non-divers.

AED First Aid Module

Auto External Defibrilator

Auto External Defibrillator (AED) is a valuable tool. AEDs are used to restart a stopped heart in an emergency. They provide an extra layer of safety and can help save lives. The benefits of having an AED include having the ability to respond quickly to cardiac emergencies anywhere, and a greater chance of survival for anyone in distress. It is important to understand the safety guidelines for using an AED, and to ensure that all users are familiar with its operation.

Program 1/2 day.

aed defibtech

First Aid Specialist

ITDA-IHMP have been developing first aid and medical training for over 25 years and have certified 1000's of people in over 65 Countries.

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