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Training Statement

The ITDA-IHMP Training Statement is designed to protect all levels of our professionals and students by clearly laying out the risks and hazards involved in Scuba and Technical diver training to meet our strict standards for certification.

Also clearly outlining the performence requirements and behaviour expected to meet safe training standards.

Reducing the pressure on our training professionals to issue certifications if students are not able to meet our standards.

See Online form below...

ITDA-IHMP Training Statement

Please Complete the following form in order to participate in ITDA-IHMP Training activitites / certification programs. This form is to be used before any in-water training for ITDA Certifications in Scuba or Technical diving activities...

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1. I accept that Diver Training has additional risks above and beyond those of many other recreational sports..
3. I also acknowledge and hereby agree that at this level of training I must be fit to dive and I must pay strict attention to Instruction and Safety Briefings. And I will follow the directions of staff & crew.
7. My ITDA Instructor is at liberty to make further charges as required for me to meet standards or fail me without a refund or any recourse to Instructional obligation or Certification.
2. I fully understand the need for self discipline and additional care when learning or practicing diving skills, (At the course level I am taking as stated on this form above!).
4. I fully understand and hereby agree that I am paying for the course and the training, equipment hire from the facility/dive school or Instructor and my tuition. I may not be paying for the e-certification or ID Card (which is an extra). Unless my instructor informs me otherwise
5. My ITDA-IHMP Instructor and staff have my personal safety as their first priority NOT the certification process or the training program. I hereby agree that I am fit and healthy to perform the training required for this level of certification.
6. Therefore; If I fail to meet the standards of training required for this certification level by the ITDA, ITB (International Training Board) for this level, or should I endanger the staff or other divers by way of behavior, distraction or attitude, my Instructor may fail me, suspend or expell me from the course (Should they feel that I present a hazard to myself or others).
8. You may also be asked to complete a Medical Form or Statement and or a waiver (USA normally).
9. Thank you for choosing ITDA for training and certification. We aim to please and to keep you safe during training. However once you are certified we highly recommend you gain as much expeience as possible under supervision or leadership. Until you feel 100% confident in your skills, especially self-rescue and being self reliant. We wish you all the very best. Why not join our membership system.

Thanks for submitting!

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