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Non Diving

Experience Programs with a Difference!

From Learning to swim to Scuba Diving

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Experience Programs

ITDA-IHMP are a full-service diving industry training business. This simply means that we can offer / cover all elements of diver training and certification and add value by offering higher training standards and add on services and products.

We also offer diving related training and certifications to International standards for non-divers. From learning to Swim - Snorkel and Try Scuba - Introduction to Scuba, "Experience Programs"...  For who maybe cannot even swim, can learn and "Experience" how fantasic just being in the water can be!


From Zero to Hero

ITDA-IHMP Offer a unique range of programs that are mostly "Experience Based" and leading to our International Scuba Open Water Certification

Next Steps

ITDA-IHMP Scuba-Progress Chart / Levels

experience levels 23
Female Snorkeler
Scuba student

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We can offer to find an Instructor near to your home (If possible) or where you intend to vacation /resort!

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