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Certification Process

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ITDA-IHMP e-certification serves two (x2) Important functions. 1. Students get their certs faster online. And 2. We offer a 24/7-365

Online verification service for Dive Operators to check certifications and Training standards. As ISO/ANSI equal level compliance is stated.

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ITDA-IHMP Offers a x3 tier process for all certification levels based on these factors:

1, Standards of Training and Academic Knowlege are met 100%

2, Skills are Assessed to above industry standards.

3, Final Exam/Quiz passed at 75% minimum. 85% for our pro-levels.

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If our strict standards are NOT met then our Instructors have two (x2) options. 1. Remedial study or skills practice to meet standards or Issue a lower level or "Supervised" diving restriction until the diver can meet the standard for the level they are certified to... See Our Training Statement

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