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Application Form & Registration for ITDA-IHMP Certifications & ID Cards

E-Certificate Registration+

Over the years we have used many industry standard forms of certification, mainly the C-Card (Certification Card - Plastic ID with photo & secure ITDA Hologram)... and from 2023 we are offering e-certifications as Certificates and Diplomas, in e-cert format. As .PDF Doc. with a QR code and token codes for fast Verification Online....

Samples & Form below and NEW link to short-form for ITDA Partners registration of students...

Any problems please contact us -



Registration for e-certification all levels+

This form may be completed by:

  • ITDA-IHMP Professional (Instructor / Trainer / Assessor) registering a student/graduate

  • As a self-certification by the graduate / Student (We will verify details with the Instructor)

  • ITDA-IHMP Instructor returning to ITDA after a break - Returning Professional or RENEWAL

  • ITDA-IHMP Training Partner / Training Facility

  • ITP-Instructor Training Program admin / Course Director Assessor or Examiner

  • Application form link for Lost Card / Replacement or Upgrade to e-certification


(Part.1 Personal details are of the graduate NOT the instructor!)

Add an ITDA-IHMP ID Card to your e-certificate from just $25 USD or €25 euros. Use the form below:... We will send you a paypal request for payment of the $25/€25 (Post Included.) See new format ID Cards below...


LINK HERE to our Short Form Application.

ITDA-IHMP e-registration
Personal details.
Form is in 2 parts. Part 1.
Upload Photo - passport style
Regarding Payment for Certificaion / Includes e-materials .PDF and/or add on card.

Please note that e-certification(s) can be issued normally within 24 hours, however a slow payment method will delay the issuing of the certification as we MUST receive payment in advance of certification processing. Proof of payment is accepted!  email to 

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