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ITDA Scuba Diving

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ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver Certification Course Programs

Manta Rays

Why be a Scuba Diver / Learn Scuba?

To simply be safely and properly prepared and trained / skilled in basic techniques, in order to have the most incredible experience of your life!
These levels are the basis for all other Scuba and Technical Diving certifications in the diving industry.
Scuba Open Water Diver is the first International Course level that allows unsupervised diving to International Standards;
Standards EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 for Scuba Diver Training.  
EN 14153-2 Applies in Europe as Autonomous Diver after completing the experience requirements and skills training to full certification.  

For any clarification see our Standards Page

Scuba Open Water Diver &
Open Water Plus+

Scuba is mostly about just having fun diving - enjoying the marine life and being underwater but we must stress that there needs to be caution exercised as the marine environment for us, as humans requires us to use "Life Support Equipment", and to exercise caution over what we do, how we behave and not to touch anything underwater...

We can and will educate and train you to the highest standards but only YOU can help us to maitain them by being a "Competent, Safe & Caring Diver". We thank you!

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Most training agencies offer their entry level program as "International Certification" to dive unsupervised. As Scuba Open Water or Open Water Scuba Diver (These are the same!).


However we (ITDA) offer a wider range and choice based on industry standards and expanding your expierence beyond the normal entry level certification. The normal requirement for many agencies is 4 open water dives and 5-6 pool or confined water practice sessions, plus a basic theory quiz.

Entry Level Scuba

ITDA Offer a unique range of "Entry Level" Diver Certifications from Introduction to Scuba Diving, Day Courses with Snorkelling and Scuba participation e-certificate, valid for 2 years to upgrade to Scuba Open Water Diver or Scuba Open Water Diver+ programs.

Most agencies offer programs like this but Do NOT Certify at this level or offer upgrades...

Training in Swimming Pool
open water diver23

Divers enjoying a pool session...

Day Courses

Snorkeling with rays

ITDA Day Courses start by getting "Comfortable" in the water with some basic Snorkelling lessons with skills, like duck diving, Breathing Control and the correct ways to clear the snorkel on the surface and on ascent.  You will recieve a 2 part briefing 1. Safety and safe use of equipment and 2. Skills development training.

Then it's time for lunch / or a break and after that a short briefing on the SCUBA equipment and you Introduction to Scuba session with skills on the surface first and then safety skills practise underwater, and then a short dive for experience & maximum Fun! You will be booking your course directly after, you'll have so much Fun!...  Buy Training Materials Here! $10

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Entry Level Scuba Certifications

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