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Special Deals

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ITDA-IHMP Training partners have unique access to ITDA HQ Offers, discounts and deals on training materials, certifications, branded goods and services.

Branding - Marketing & Social Media are just some of our services exclusively available to our training partners...

ITDA Partnership Membership includes many benefits and is a great way for both our diving training facility and IHMP First Aid training partners to get more out of ITDA-IHMP certifications.

Plus ITDA-IHMP Professional Levels benefit from their annual fees being included with the added option of joining our unique monthly payment subscription system or taking a 20% discount on annual fees.

Plus our unique e-certification system with 24/7/365 online verification service.

Partner Services


Passive Income

As an ITDA Training partner you will receive monthly credits from commissions if students or professionals buy materials or certifications online from us (HQ)...

Or you may perchase at an agreed discount level from 10% to 35% or more if "Full Divepro" franchise partner.


Marketing Support

As an ITDA training partner you will recieve monthly promotions from us to promote your business in your area / region.

We will also advertise professional courses on a global basis in strict liasion with all partners (In order that instructor programs do NOT overlap or compete). With our partners.


Monthy Fees/Pay

We will apply discounts immeditely to orders received and we will pay commissions around the 28th day of the month following a sale.

Offering time for any payment issues and PayPal / Bank fees etc. to be known... Therefore if a sale occurs on the 21st. of a month. We will pay on or by the 28th day of the month following...

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