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Instructor Training Program(s)

ITDA-IHMP has many options available, far more than many other agencies and by far the BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!

We understand how hard it is to make a good living in diving, as the ITDA senior management have lived and worked as dive professionals in many roles. Including; Owning & Running Dive Training Facilities / Operations / Dive Centres & Dive Schools & Clubs. Occupational Diving operations and much more... We understand it because we did not learn it - we lived it! And still do...

About our ITP's

Unique ITDA-IHMP Benefits

We have designed a new series of exciting and very challenging Instructor training programs (ITP) with more classroom time, more in-water training time and more actual diving and skills assessments and evaluations...  From Entry Level Scuba Open Water Instructor / Club Instructor to Course Director and Assessor Examiner Programs...

Benefits if ITDA ITP...

  • We offer three (x3) Instructor Ratings

    • Open Water Scuba Instructor

    • Nitrox Instructor (entry level technical)

    • IHMP Diving First Aid Instructor

  • Upgrades to Advanced Instructor / Specialist

  • Credits for previous education & training

  • Opportunity to Teach ITDA Academy Qualifications (Certificate & Diploma in Diving)

Non-Diving Professional Ratings

We have a wide range of choices for both permanent employment and seasonal work for Snorkelling Instructors and Free Diving Instructors from ITDA Dive Leader level (Can also be certified as an IHMP First Aid Instructor adding the opportunity to earn more teaching, training and certifying first aid programs as well...) Or Dive Master / Dive Cons from other agencies can take the ITDA Snorkelling Instructor course.

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ITDA Pro Levels

ITDA-IHMP Has equal levels to other dive industry training agencies...

Higher Levels & Higher Education

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