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We have training partners and friends across Scandinavia in. Norway, Sweden and Denmark / Greenland. Representing a great opportunity to work with us in these Countries plus we are adding Finland in 2023...
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Divers Training in Pool

Learning to Scuba Dive

ITDA Club System is perfect for our Scandinavian partners as they can choose to Self-Study - Online with ITDA Academy, or attend classes an instructor. Then they lean all the basic skills in a heated pool, or join a dive tour to warmer areas like Spain, Canary Islands or Egypt for example...  Many Instructors choose to offer and organise Dive Certification tours, where you study and complete training near to your home. And then join a Dive Tour for your "Certification Dives", making it a mini-break or vacation...

Dive Tours

You can of course choose to become a "Cold Water Diver" and dive in any of the Scandinavian Countries, many of which have excellent diving, good visibility and wreck, unique marine life etc.  We have training is Spain - Canary Islands and Egypt - Dahab for Technical Diving (Blue Hole)... Contact us for details

training certificate

Your Certification

Your e-certification will show if you are a cold water diver or a warm water (resort environment diver). As resort divers will need further training, experience and certification to dive in cold water.  Cold water certified divers may auotmatically dive in warm water... You can complete the dive theory online for just $99 USD.

See. ITDA Academy Page....

Where are you from?

For us this is not really important as most people leraning to dive are prepared to travel to enjoy diving and training. Wherever you are from we will have an instructor in place and Country nearby... If not we can help you organise a dive tour to train and certify with one of our partners in somewhere you may want to go!

As we have partners in 65 Countries covering a full range of environments, marine life and experiences... For more information please contact us by email... or complete the inquiry form below....

nitrox technical divers

Greenland Dk

We have a unique and highly experienced training partner in Greenland who has worked both as a professional educator and a Commercial Diver.

Michael kjærsgaard -

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