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Technical Instructor

ITDA Technical professionals are at the highest levels of diver training and education. Offering high risk training with higher rewards and exceptional employment opportunities.

ITDA Professionals at this level can / may also train and certify all levels in ITDA Scuba Diving System to professional (Leadership levels).

As well as
certifying Technical / Scuba Diving and in most cases they may also be IHMP First Aid Trainers / Examiners. (As certified to train!)

Training Technical Divers

Training technical divers is a real challenge and is not for the feight hearted, as the skills trained must be to a much higher standard than Scuba Diving activities for two major reasons:

  • Technical Diving almost always includes "Decompression".

  • Technical specialist levels also include specific risks, that are much higher than Scuba Diving in terms of: Depth - Overhead Environments - Natural hazards (Cave Diving - Wreck penetration & Marine Life)


Therefore technical divers require a higher degree of theory, experience, use of specialist equipment (Band Masks with communications, Mixed Gas (Trimix) and CLOSED CIRCUIT REBREATHERS etc. They also require a high degree of disipline and self-control / self-awareness (Panic will Kill)...

The ITDA Technical Instructor MUST be prepared for a range of risks in diver training that is more simular to Military training then Scuba Diving. Making technical fun and very safe is not an easy feat and few can master it! 

We have courses in many Countries, thoughout the year and can often tag a technical instructor program on to our Scuba Instructor program (Which you may be invited to attend for FREE!) - If you are taking our Tech-Pro-Program.

Technical Divers
Tech Divers in Deco

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