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ITDA Assessor

New & Exciting Academic Levels


About ITDA Assessor

Finally a qualification!

ITDA Assessor is offered as an upgrade path / workshop from all Pro-levels from Leadership to Instructor and Trainer or specialist instructor levels, for those professionals with a strong desire to train and certify at higher education levels. From 2019 we are adding /  offering the Assessor program as an additional / optional workshop in all ITDA Trainer Programs.

What can Assessors Do?

Offer ITDA Academic Qualifications

An ITDA Assessor can simply offer ITDA academic qualifications from ITDA Acdemy to Industry standards, International Academic Standards and is an awarding body for the following levels:

Certificate in Scuba Diving

(Based on Theory from Open Water to Advanced)

Available to Scuba Divers any level any agency.

Diploma in Scuba Diving

This level is for Professional Levels from leadership

Available to Leadership levels any agency.

Certificate in Diving Education

This level is from Scuba Instructor

Available to Instructors any agency.

Diploma in Diving Education

This level is for Trainers (Staff IDC) etc.

Available to all senior instructor / trainer levels from any agency...

Silhouette of Scuba Divers
Scuba Diver and Corals
Scuba Diver and Corals

What is covered in the materials

Academic Qualification based on:

  • Applied Dive Theory

    • Physics

    • Physiology

    • Dive Planning

    • Dive Tables

    • Decompression

    • Risk Assessment

    • Emergency Planning

  • Diving First Aid

    • Oxygen Admin

    • Marine Life Injuries

    • AED use

    • DCS / DCI

    • Pressure Injuries

      • Barotrauma

      • Ascent/Descent

      • Hyperbarics

  • Additional Modules

    • Education/Teaching

    • Learning Process

    • Training

    • Application of theory

    • Environment

    • Psychology of the Classroom

    • Assessments

    • Evaluation

    • Final Grade Matrix

Be more than just a diving instructor

Become a Professional Educator in Diving

Since FEB 2019 the ICoD International College of Diving has now become a fully integrated part of the ITDA Group and is rebranded as the "ITDA Diving Academy" - This is now also the ITDA Professional body for diver qualifications. With Certificate and Diploma recognition and exchange for International Certifications to Industry "Qualifications"...Offering one unified standard for Diver Academic learning.

Diver Members may receive a "Certificate in Diving" Cert.Diving; as recognition of their level and experience. From Open Water Diver

Leadership Levels may apply for the entry level Diploma in Diving and Cert.Ed in teachning diving.

Diving Professionals from any agency are welcome to apply for membership of the ITDA Dive Academy and Professional Body to have your certifications and experience recognised at an international educational level as well as professional vocational qualifications.


Membership of ITDA  is OPEN to Divers and Professionals from any agency approved by ITDA HQ or members of National, International or Federal bodies including:  CMAS / PADI / NAUI / SSI / RAID / UK HSE / EUF / FEDAS / VSDT / CUA / SUF / WRSTC / RSTC / IDSSC / PDIC etc.

Scuba Training in Swimming Pool
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