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ITDA Club System








The unique ITDA Diver Training and Certification to International Standards, offers a great opportunity and very effective base for our unique"International Club System" programs, to develop in enviroments like: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Company Social Clubs and even local swimming pools.


With skills and theory taught over a longer period of time, and then the certifying dives may be completed on weekend trips or on a diving Certification vacation / holiday / tour....

ITDA Club Diving Benefits

The ITDA Club System uses exactly the same training and certification standards as our International System, as our training is modular and our skills and theory assessment base is flexible, our system lends itself perfectly to the development of a Club System with International Acceptance and recognition for our higher training standards and high quality innovative training materials.


ITDA Club & International Certification levels are equal and Interchangeable as both follow the same standards - Technical & IHMP First Aid maybe included.


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ITDA Club Diver & International Standards

Standards for Club Diver Level 1. EN 14153-1 / ISO 24801-1 for Scuba Diver Training. 

Standards for Club Sports Diver Level 2 EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 for Scuba Diver Training. 

Standards for Club Dive Leaders Level 3... EN 14153-3 / ISO 24801-3 for Scuba Diver Training.

We also include at Club levels our "Diver First Aid basic training in CPR and students may also take our IHMP Medical Training Courses in BLS Basic Life Support and / or our Oxygen First Aid training and certification programs.

ITDA divers are trained in basic first aid included in the training program, i.e. No extra cost for the basic training, if you wish to obtain a certification in First Aid your instructor can arrange this for you at a discounted fee.

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