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Our Training Partner in Brunei - Poni Marine has been operating since 2012 and has successfully delivered project results to their clients with high quality and the utmost safety.


What Ponimarine do!

Solutions for the Offshore, Marine Construction, Maritime & Aquaculture Industries.

Poni Marine provides turnkey project solutions for the offshore, marine construction, maritime and aquaculture industries with a vision to be an elite regional provider of maritime and subsea services with exceptional client satisfaction.

About Ponimarine

Starting out as a recreational diving operation in 2009 as Poni Divers, our divers first received commercial diving work in 2012 when a crane collapsed into the sea pulling down along with it generators and large industrial welding sets that required immediate salvage & recovery.

uw welding and cutting

About continued...

With our highly experienced staff with vastly different backgrounds, strong local network of affiliates & partners and diverse range of equipment, Poni Marine offers an extensive scope of services that include inspections & repairs for vessels and construction sites, search & recovery & salvage of equipment and persons, military & tactical supply, and professional training for tactical & occupational diving. Through our sister company, Frosty Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, we also offer over 35 years of experience in the installation & maintenance of HVAC, refrigeration, cold storage & showcase and kitchen equipment.

Going Forwards

We currently have 40 staff and 7 facilities in Serasa, Muara, Kuala Belait, and Indonesia and look forward to rapid expansion in the offshore, maritime, & marine construction industries following our soft launch of this commercial & marine engineering division as Poni Marine from mid 2020.

scientific diving

Poni Marine Head Office
Unit S1, 2nd Floor,
Al-Warasah Building,
Muara Town, Muara
BT1187, Brunei
Tel: +673 277 2328

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