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  • Free Plan

    Free plan offers limited benefits and Newsletter subscription
    Gyldig i 3 måneder
    • Membership (FREE)
    • Limited Discounts on Offers from partners
    • Limited Discount on ITDA-IHMP Branded goods
    • Access to Limited Blogs & Podcasts
    • Access to limited training materials
    • Access to Paid upgrades from ITDA Academy
  • Silver Membership for Advanced & Tech

    Hver måned
    Membership with basic benefits for Advanced, Specialist & Tech Divers
    • Bi-Monthly ITDA Newsletter
    • Access to ITDA-IHMP Offers on Branded Products
    • Access to our training partners offers and discounts
    • Access to Pod Casts
    • Access to Training Materials & Online Course Discounts to10%
  • Scuba Open Water Instructor Plan Silver

    Hver måned
    Scuba Open Water Instructor Member (Silver Level)
    • Specialist Instructor registrations up to 6
    • Your own blog page on our portal site for your student comms
    • Access to ITDA Academy for your students with commissions
    • Registration on the 24.7/365 Database for Cert-Check
    • Priority Support from ITDA-IHMP HQ
  • Platinum Plan

    Hver måned
    This level is for dive professional (any agency)
    Gyldig i 12 måneder
    • Exclusive offers on ITDA-IHMP Upgrades
    • Highest level discounts on training materials
    • Social media marketing options
    • Maximum discounts on branded goods
    • Commissions paid on ITDA-IHMP Certifications
  • Affiliate Membership - Silver Partner

    Hver måned
    +USD 25 Marketing Pack for this level
    This level is open to any diver and / or first Aid Training Facility or Boat.
    • Access to Student & Diver Leads from marketing
    • Access to leads from our Websites
    • ITDA-IHMP Branded Goods at higher discounts.
    • Discounts on Training Materials & Certifications
    • Instructor renewal discounts based on certification levels
    • Annual Training Partner Renewal fee included
    • Your own page on our portal site
  • Training Facility Gold Partner

    Hver måned
    Professional leadership levels
    Gyldig i 12 måneder
    • Commissions on Certifications
    • Commissions on e-materials sales
    • Discounts on course upgrades
    • Fast track / Upgrade to Instructor Levels
  • Program Syllabus Downloads

    Resource for our professionals
    Gratis pakke
    • FREE Downloads of our training standards
  • Online Part 1. Scuba Open Water Theory

    ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver Theory Program
    Gyldig i 3 måneder
    • All theory sections required to meet ITDA Certification.
  • ITDA Assessor

    Hver måned
    +USD 45 Training materials
    Academic Certification in Higher Education
    Gyldig i 12 måneder
    • ITDA Assessor e-Certification
    • Optional Pastic ID card for just €25
  • The Complete Scuba Diver

    Hver måned
    +USD 25 Admission fee / Registration
    Covering all elements from basic Scuba to Advanced & Technical Diving
    Gyldig i 6 måneder
    • All levels of Diving Theory, Diving Rescue, Diving First Aid
    • Seamanship
    • Dive Planning
  • Scuba Quiz/Test with benefits & Rewards

    Test your knowledge of Basic Dive Theory
    Gyldig i 10 dager
    • Copy of ITDA Scuba Manual .PDF (Value $49)
    • e-certification on completion
    • Access to branded goods prize draws (Value from $15)

Best Value

Diver or IHMP Graduate Membership Plan



Hver måned

Become an ITDA-IHMP Member (Basic) Blue

Gyldig i 12 måneder

Bi Monthly Newsletter

Access to Podcasts

Discount on ITDA-IHMP Branded Goods (from the ITDA Store)

Certification upgrade discounts on training materials

Access to the ITDA-IHMP Online Academy

Discounts on ITDA-IHMP Online from ITDA Academy 10% SAVE

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